Season 22: Open

#5: Exodus vs eat ur veges

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday
Match Comms

Please organize this ASAP.

Can we play on Monday at 8 pm?

Trips: 9pm today works

10:56 PM - Trips: You're getting server btw
10:56 PM - Trips: You're h ome
11:01 PM - mhc is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
11:06 PM - Trips: Do you have the string
11:07 PM - mhc: no
11:07 PM - Trips: How come
11:07 PM - Trips: We're 7 mins late
11:07 PM - Trips: You're meant to
11:12 PM - mhc: sry man we can't play tonight
11:12 PM - mhc: we miss 3 players
11:12 PM - Trips: That's too bad what
11:12 PM - Trips: THere are no other times we can play

11:13 PM - Trips: There are no other times we can play
11:13 PM - Trips: This was the only time we both confirmed
11:13 PM - ozf Thermite: Oh yeah, i remember the discussion
11:13 PM - Trips: And they tell us they can't play 10 mins after the official, not even before
11:13 PM - ozf Thermite: Take the ff win, post in match comms