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ozfortress December 2019 Poll

The ozfortress December 2019 poll is here! As always, we run a poll in between tournaments to see what the community wants. This poll contains some key questions regarding the Global Whitelist, administration, OZF 26 and future maps and the map pool (including Kalinka).

It would be greatly appreciated if you take the time to express your views so we can make ozfortress better!

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Mon Dec 9 06:40:08 2019

Coffee Clock win OZF 26 Premier!

Congratulations Premier winners Coffee Clock


Snakewater - 3 - 1
Sunshine - 1 - 2
Product - 1 - 3
Prolands - 1 - 0
Process - 2 - 1

Congratulations to Coffee Clock on winning the OZF 26 Premier Grand Final against MMGP.

Season 26 Premier was coming to a close and the Grand Finals was a match not to be missed. With MMGP and Coffee Clock trading maps in both the regular season and in the UPP the finals was a match not to be missed. Coffee Clock had asserted their dominance this season, only dropping one map to MMGP.

Coffee Clock picked Snakewater as their first map. The first round was an exciting to and fro match with both teams pushing each other back and forth. It was 16 minutes through with the score nil all, when finally Coffee Clock managed to push last and cap the point. MMGP quickly responded with the next round being taken in 2 minutes. The next round was another long paced battle, taken by Coffee Clock after an Uber ad push into last succeeded. Using their momentum they quickly converted another round, leaving MMGP with two and a half minutes to win two rounds, which they were unable to do, leaving the final score 3 - 1 in favour to Coffee Clock.

Sunshine was the next map in the series. After a convincing mid win MMGP took the first round in under two minutes. Not to be disheartened Coffee Clock started of the next round by winning the first mid. This was another long drawn out round lasting a full 16 minutes before Coffee Clock was finally able to convert the round. Event though Coffee Clock won the next mid, MMGP forced Coffee Clock’s Medic on last and were able to capture last using the advantage gained. With five minutes remaining Coffee Clock tried to convert the round, but their Medic was killed before they were able to get Uber in the final 30 seconds. MMGP took the map 2 - 1.

A map not seen often in playoffs was chosen by Coffee Clock as the next map in the series: Product. MMGP started off strong winning the first fight and holding the point for nearly a minute. The next uber trade went in favour of Coffee Clock, letting them wind the clock down for more than a minute. A few more back and forth battles left Coffee Clock’s Medic down in the respawn, which allowed MMGP the Uber ad, they managed to hold off the subsequent attacks and won the first round. Coffee Clock retaliated in the next round winning the first point even though their Medic died. The second round was another closely-fought one, and this time Coffee Clock were able to come out on top. With the scores tied at 1 - 1, many suspected Coffee Clock would be able to take their own map pick, however MMGP were able to take the next two rounds, leaving Coffee Clock fighting to stay in the grand final on the fourth map. The duo of enrith and silvo were too much for Coffee Clock to handle on Product, and they powered their team to a map win.

The next map was Prolands and MMGP were looking to take the series with a map win. However depsite it being MMGP's map pick, Coffee Clock weren't going down easily. After an excruciating 20-minute long first round including many failed last pushes from both teams, Coffee Clock were able to come out on top and put themselves in the lead. With only eight minutes remaining, both teams were scrambling to secure another round, however both teams demonstrated a better defence than offence and the map finished 1 - 0 in Coffee Clock's favour and took us to a final map. ywl led the server in the damage department, finishing the map with an impressive 327 DPM.

The last map was a classic, Process. Coffee Clock took an early lead after securing the first round in under five minutes. The next round was extremely back and forth. Both teams had their fair share of failed last pushes and heroic plays, and ultimately MMGP were able to even out the scoreline to 1 - 1. With the scores even and only five minutes of playtime left on the clock, the tension in the server was palpable. Both teams were fighting for the championship and after a very scrappy mid, Coffee Clock were able to scrape the mid win. With only several minutes left, MMGP were defending their last in order to force a Golden Cap. However they found themselves unable to defend against Coffee Clock's overwhelming aggression. Coffee Clock took the round and the map 2 - 1, which gave them the series in an incredibly tight 3 - 2 match. Coffee Clock are your ozfortress season 26 Premier champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - Coffee Clock
2nd - MMGP
3rd - rat men


Champions: Coffee Clock
Best Demoman: enrith
Best Medic: lock and Sean and v4na
Best Pocket: Doge.exe has stopped working
Best Roamer: pause
Best Pocket Scout: teejay
Best Flank Scout: AiShou
Best Utility: AiShou

Most Improved Player: ory
Most Valuable Player: enrith

Friendliest Team: fridge zeej
Most Improved Team: ad hominem attack
Best Dressed Team: ad hominem attack
Best Caster: xander

Sun Dec 8 22:49:03 2019

Winx Club win OZF 26 Intermediate!

Congratulations Intermediate winners Winx Club


Prolands - 0 - 1 (GC)
Granary - 5 - 4
Snakewater - 6 - 1

Congratulations to Winx Club on winning the OZF 26 Intermediate Grand Final against white noise.

After picks and bans had been completed in the server, the first map was Prolands. Prolands started off slow with neither team wanting to take any major risks with the championship on the line. Both teams were unwilling to play too aggressively and so the map took a passive turn. Both teams had opportunities to push the last point of the other team, however the last defences of both teams proved to be too strong. After an arduous 30 minutes, the scores were still tied at 0 - 0 sending us into a Golden Cap. The Golden Cap appeared to be playing much the same as the first map, with neither team wanting to risk giving their opponent an opportunity. After several failed last push attempts, white noise were finally able to capitalise on their chance and take the Golden Cap and with it their opponents map pick. meff provided white noise with a consistent source of damage and was pivotal in his team going 1 - 0 up in the series.

The next map was Granary, the pick of white noise. After stealing away their opponent's map pick, white noise were looking poised to take the series 2 - 0 and the pressure was on Winx Club to step up in order to take us to a third map. While Prolands was a slow-paced and low-scoring map, Granary saw a very different change of pace from both teams. Winx Club appeared to have found some form, as they took the first round in lightning fast fashion. The next two rounds were closer, but Winx Club were able to come out on top again and put themselves in the driver's seat of the match, going up 3 - 0. However, white noise were not out of the fight yet as there were able to respond with two rounds of their own in under five minutes. Both teams then began trading fights and rounds with one team taking on quick round, and the other team taking the next. This lead to Winx Club in the lead with less than two minuses on the clock. They took a decisive mid victory which secured their map victory 5 - 4 and saw us go to a third map. The scouts of both teams were king on Granary, with bill and takeyon dropping 31 and 32 frags respectively.

Our final map was Snakewater. With two extremely close maps between these two teams Snakewater was looking like anyone's game. However, after several very quick first rounds it looked like Winx Club were in control of the map. Much like Granary, they took an early 3 - 0 lead on Snakewater. white noise then answered back with a round of their own and looked reinvigorated, however Winx Club then, having found their form after the first two maps, flexed their muscles and took the next three rounds in convincing fashion to take the map 6 - 1, and the series 2 - 1. decap and takeyon led the way for their team on Snakewater, with a combined 43 frags between them and led their team to becoming the ozfortress season 26 Intermediate Champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - Winx Club
2nd - white noise
3rd - what the fuck am i doing


Champions: Winx Club
Best Demoman: Bonk
Best Medic: remorse
Best Pocket: arandomdeaddude
Best Roamer: feggie
Best Pocket Scout: Reffic
Best Flank Scout: beni
Best Utility: Bread

Most Improved Player: takeyon
Most Valuable Player: Bonk and prankmonkey

Friendliest Team: Panda Bears
Most Improved Team: white noise and what the fuck am i doing
Best Dressed Team: Salt Free Gaming.
Best Caster: xander

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