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[OZF 22] Final Placements


brain brigade
Damage, Re-inc
Fortress Too
Jasmine Tea
Pencil Case


Active arnold and the Animated Aardvark
Atten and his friends
Charlie's Cricket Club
Plan Z
Rocket Division
Salt Free Gaming.
That's getting Shadowplayed
TyRoo Legacy Reborn

emgee restricted from Soldier and Demoman.


Consent is Important
Divided AUssembly
eat ur veges
HentaiHaven Hunters
Hide the pain harold
noot nooted
open veterans
Oxygen Thieves
Solar Finesse
The Gullywash Goons
Uber Beets
Usual Suspects
What's In A Name?
Yeet Street Gang

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Tue May 1 20:59:47 2018

ozfortress season 22 Announcement

Welcome back everyone! After an exciting Ultiduo tournament, ozfortress season 22 is upon us, the flagship competitive TF2 event for the Oceanic region returns for the second time in 2018. As usual, the league will be run using the highly successful Warzone. Whether you are a hardened veteran of the scene or a newcomer to 6v6 TF2 there will be a place for you in ozfortress season 22 and we hope to see you there!

OZF 22 will feature 3 brackets: Premier, Intermediate and Open. Premier will have a round robin group stage while the lower two brackets will consist of a Swiss group stage. All brackets will continue using the Page Playoffs format. Grand Finals for Premier shall be played as a no-advantage best of 5, while Open and Intermediate Grand Finals will be a best of 3. Premier will have 8 teams while Intermediate's bracket size is pending signups. Open will have an unrestricted number of teams.

All server booking will continue to be done through ozfortress discord. Simply join the #bookings channel in the ozfortress Discord and type /book and details of your server booking will be PM'd to you. To view more commands, type /help in the #bookings channel.

In Citadel, Captains can create Teams using the "Start Team" button on the Teams page. Once created, Captains can invite players to the Team. Team invites are shown on a player's profile, which can be accessed by clicking on your name next to the bell on the top right hand corner of your screen. Teams provide a pool of players that can be signed up for a tournament. Players may be in the pool for multiple teams but only one Roster for any given tournament. Captains may sign up a Roster for tournaments under the League page.

If you're new and not sure how to get started, don't fret! Check out the #recruitment section of the ozfortress Discord where you can express your interest in joining a team, or peruse potential players to form a team of your own. Teams are normally comprised of 1 Medic, 1 Demoman, 2 Soldiers and 2 Scouts. If you're new to the competitive scene, click here for an introduction to ozfortress!

Please ensure you have enough backups to last the season; teams are allowed a maximum of 10 players rostered for any single tournament.

With a host of experienced casters and expert producers, TFLIVE remains your number 1 destination for ozfortress coverage. Catch live coverage on the TFLIVE Twitch channel and find VODs of previous games on the TFLIVE YouTube.

You can sign up for ozfortress season 22 from Wednesday the 2nd of May up until Sunday the 13th of May. This is a slight change from previous seasons, in which the seedings were released the same day that the season starts. In order to ensure that seeding is done properly and that teams have ample time to organise their round 1 matches, ozfortress season 22 will begin on Sunday the 20th of May, 1 week after signups close. Seedings and first round fixtures for ozfortress 22 will be released on Thursday the 17th of May.

[Signup now!]

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Mon Apr 30 20:49:42 2018

♫ But I'm feeling 22! ♫

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