Sun Jul 21 18:18:40 2019

[OZF 25] Playoffs, Nominations and Staff Additions

We've just finished Round 7 of ozfortress season 25. Congratulations to the teams who have made playoffs! Your top 4 teams of each bracket are:


Coffee Clock
servo mutts
barrel of apes


the coconut nut
BOT Inc.


Panda Bears
johnny dogged the boys


Cool Team Name Pending
the players that were left behind
Dino Squad
heykimber waiting room

Please see the nominations thread for OZF 25, to be completed by Sunday the 28th of July! Nominations for this season will be submitted on Warzone.

Failure to submit nominations will result in you and your team being unable to receive any awards.

We'd also like to welcome core and skaz to the ozfortress staff. They will be joining the league administration team for OZF 26.

Sat Jul 13 17:14:34 2019

ozfortress ban: spookC

League Ban

spookC STEAM_0:0:77230562

This player has accrued a total of 90 ozfortress infraction points. As such, the player has been banned from, the community's competitions, and all other ozfortress properties for a period of 2 years, after which time the persons will be on permanent probation. If they are found aliasing during their competition bans, their ban duration will be extended.

Should ANY clans in ANY ozfortress competitions be found housing the listed players, the team will be permanently removed from our competitions and all members involved will face severe penalties.

Let this serve as a warning to all that this sort of behaviour and targeted vitriol will not be tolerated in this community.

Tue Jul 9 18:48:17 2019

We Want You

The ozfortress admin team is currently looking to pick up some more staff members prior to OZF 26. We are looking to pick up some new league administrators as well as some all-new Discord Moderators for the ozfortress Discord server as well.

For Discord Moderators we are looking for people who are active within the Discord and who can assist with basic moderation tasks (banning spambots, deleting posts etc.).

For league administrators, we are primarily looking for motivated members of the community who are interested in helping us improve the league and create a better ozfortress for everyone. Previous experience is preferred however it is not required, we will consider every application. If you would like to apply for either of these positions, please post a response in the thread below using the template provided.

You can submit your application here!

Thank you
The ozfortress administration team

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