Welcome to Citadel

Citadel is a new site developed to replace the ageing forum that ozfortress.com revolves around. In the past, ozfortress's leagues have had rosters and match threads embedded into the ancient forum system. This was exceptionally hard to access and proved a maze for both old and new players. As such, Citadel was developed over the past few months to provide a more streamlined experience for both players and administrators. Although the site is new, it is being actively developed and basic functionality to support a league is present.

In the future, we would expand Citadel into a full-fledged site that supports more than a League system. Functionality from the old site's forum will be transferred over, with sections such as Recruitment and Forums.

As the site is still being actively developed, any issues or questions should be directed to admins. For any technical issues, please email /dev/zero at ben.schaaf@gmail.com. For any functionality questions or issues, please contact ozfortress administrators via Discord linked in the right sidebar.

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