Season 19: Intermediate

#9: ma tema jeff vs Salt Free Gaming.

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Wednesday
Match Comms

what days are good for you this week, some of our players are busy this week

Tues 8/9/10 would be perfect if possible?

People are away Monday Tuesday Thursday can do Sunday or Wednesday anytime

Alrighty, we will see what we can do, Sunday and Wed are not looking great but we will try and get 6 to make it work. Im out a fair bit this week and might get castfish to take over some organisation. We would also appreciate sorting maps asap if possible.

Have had a big chat with the team and everyone is trying to arrange/rearrange Sun/Wed if possible, however I would say Tues/Thurs are still best for us, will leave communication and such to catfish now. Hopefully we can find something good for both teams :)

yeh if we play tuesday or thursday its a 4v6 which isn't allowed

Can you offer a third day for us to consider? Might make it a bit easier for us.
And if you wouldn't mind starting bans and picks for maps that would be appreciated.

Have chatted to the team and admins and unfortunately we can only offer Mon at 8 (maybe 10 with warning), Tues 8+9, Thurs 8+9. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

Monday 9 confirmed

Gran 5-0 to sf
Reckoner 5-0 to sf
Thanks for the games :)

Gg tho friend