Season 16: Open

#3: Centrelink eSports vs Unfair Dismasil

Match Comms

Please organise this.

meow (1): 8 would be better
cLink Liam: aight 8
meow (1): So confirmed Wednesday 8pm?

10:34 PM - meow: so please make it 8:30pm Wednesday?
10:35 PM - CLink Liam: yeh

Allow Merc
meow (1): Heya. We will be using one merc: Fluffington
meow (1): Is that okay?
cLink Liam: what class
meow (1): Soldier

How can you guys play cp_snakewater_u10 when the match page AND THE MAP POOL dictates cp_snakewater_final1?

Read please.

soz obla ask charm he said it was u10 and he changed map