Season 19: Open

#7: Real Dream vs Adrenaline

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

What day would suit you guys?

Sunday Suits us the best.

Sunday @8?

yea that should be fine

Confirmed Sunday @8pm

chelly : u guys denying mercs?
Carrot : ?
chelly : cuz we cant get all 6
-RD- Mikcow : we haven't received any information regarding mercs
chelly : so is that a no?
-RD- Mikcow : I didn't say that
DEAD sen : LOL
-RD- Marshall : who do you want to merc?
-RD- Mikcow : I said that I haven't received anything regarding mercs
chelly : we need scout and roam
-RD- Mikcow : only 1 merc per match
Carrot : rip
DEAD Paradice : gg
Carrot : ?
-RD- Mikcow : one of your captains need to send me the details on the merc
Paradice : forfeit sorry
💔Lucky💔 : rip :(
Carrot : ..
Carrot : rip
-RD- Kairos : rip
Bio Hazzard left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Rule 3.4 Mercenaries

Have to forfeit, Not enough gamers.

Administrator, Retired League Director

Second forfeit for Adrenaline, removed from league.