Season 19: Intermediate

#6: Run Point vs Salt Free Gaming.

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Reminder to all teams that this week is the final week for transfers! All transfers must be submitted by the end of this round (11:59pm Thursday 29th June), any transfers after this deadline will be declined. If you have any problems please message me on discord!

Thank Mr. Yaunch

Thursday at 9 works well for my team

Scratch that Wednesday at 9 is best

Wednesday doesn't usually work for us sorry, I will double check though. When is next best for you guys?

Tuesday will be next best

Please organise this friends

Might struggle to make Tuesday (sorry for delay in reply, hectic at work). Any chance of the original thurs 9? if not will try and make tuesday possible.

We can do Thursday but we'll need a merc to play it, subs are busy irl or on holidays. Tuesday is ideal if you guys can also make it

Any idea on when you can play video games?

Sorry dude, tonight would be real hard, at this stage on thurs we will have at best 3 or 4 cores with a couple of subs and maybe a merc and thats our best for the week. Exams + holidays have left us a few players down. So if there is any chance at all of thurs we would be ever so thankful :)

Game confirmed for 9pm on Thursday

ggwp, some super tight rounds.

5-2 gran to sf.
4-2 gully to sf.

was fun, gl next week