Season 19: Intermediate

#3: Salt Free Gaming. vs isopod enthusiasts

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Hi Friends, when suits? I'm pretty busy with work this week and would love to organise it asap :)

Hm, could you arrange something around tues/thurs @ 8 next week?

Tuesday usually works for us, but 8's can be a bit rough because mink is from Perth. Any chance of a 9 or even 8:30?
Ill confirm we are good for tues asap though.

Hm, 8:15 would be better. I'll check with the team if they can make it.

Looking at tues or thurs at the mo, hoping for an 8:30 and will most likely need a sub if starting before 9.

How is progress looking guys

8:15 tonight it looks like.

reckoner 5 - 0 for sf -

snake 3 - 3 -

snake gc - 1 - 0 for sf

ggs guys, was fun