Season 19: Intermediate

#3: Run Point vs FO THE OPHANS

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Lets get organising plz friends

5:12 PM - greanyo: yo, vsing you for official
5:12 PM - greanyo: what times you able to make it?
5:11 PM - Brion: thursday is best for us
5:15 PM - greanyo: keen for thurs 8?
5:14 PM - Brion: should be sweet, I'll confirm with my team tonight and get back to you
5:15 PM - greanyo: siik
8:02 PM - greanyo is now Online.
9:03 PM - Brion: hey i can confirm for thursday at 8
9:04 PM - greanyo: sweet as, good for us

Fanatical has been approved to merc for Run Point by greanyo

4:56 PM - Brion: hey are we able to get fanatical to merc tonight on roamer?
4:58 PM - greanyo: ye all g
4:57 PM - Brion: cheers