Season 19: Open

#2: Sand People vs MORTified

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Please organise this.

Tuesday at 7:30 is ok with us

Contact Obla or myself if no one gets back to you today Fargoth.

5:40 pm - Nexus: you up for 7 tuesday?
5:40 pm - Fargoth: yes
5:40 pm - Nexus: sweet

4:25 pm - Fargoth: my players had some IRL stuff, late buses from work and such
4:25 pm - Fargoth: can we do 7:30 or 8 instead?
4:25 pm - Nexus: yeah 7:30 is cool

Process: 2-1 to Sand People
Reckoner: Forfeit (5-0) to MORTified. See below for reasoning.

Match was originally scheduled for 7 PM, changed to 7:30 PM. Not recommended to change match times at such late notice but I see no issue here if both teams agree.

Sand People lacked a player (Scout) and were actively looking for a merc, and players were allowed and denied. MORTified made it clear that they were on a tight schedule as players had other items on their agenda i.e. exams the following day and had to complete the match by 9 PM. Although their Pocket was late, MORTified were readied up by 7:40 PM. A mercenary for Sand People was not agreed upon until approximately 8 PM. Sand People did not ready until 8:05 PM and hence the first map, Process, did not finish until 8:36 PM. Player(s) on Sand People's roster were lacking Reckoner and had to download the map, causing even further delay. Even though both teams readied up on the second map, the match could not be completed by 9 PM without part of MORTified's team having to leave.

As such, Sand People started much later than the agreed time. I have heard from both Fargoth and Nexus and both have given their stories, and the following decision was made.

The second map will be marked as a forfeit win to MORTified (5-0). The first map's result will stand. This forfeit of a single map does not contribute toward's Sand People's two-forfeit-removal-from-league count.

From this match, I highly recommend all mercenary discussions be made hours in advance to avoid such a complication. I also suggest all players download all custom maps used in the league prior to Week 1. Downloads for individual maps or all custom maps are provided for your convenience here.