Season 18: Intermediate

Grand Final: [ Brave Loyal And Kind ] vs Twig's Bundles

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

can you guys play 8 on tuesday?

hey there, uhm I don't think we're ok to do tuesday. Demo is 50/50 if he can make it on that day.

Can you do thursday at 8:30? (I can maybe do wed I'll have to ask everyone)

Can't really do 8:30 can do 8:15 if you guys can on anyday really

hey can we confirm 8:15 on thursday, sorry for massive delay

can you do wed at the same time?

ok we can confirm thursday 8:15

Cool, game confirmed for Thursday at 8:15

Administrator, Retired League Director

Granary: 4-3 to [ Brave Loyal And Kind ]
Process: 4-1 to [ Brave Loyal And Kind ]

Congratulations to [ Brave Loyal And Kind ] on becoming the OZF 18 Intermediate Champions!