Season 18: Premier

#3: nature walk vs Salt Free Gaming.

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Match Comms

When suits friends?

Please organise this.

looking like wed will be best for us, will double check with the rest of the team

looks like we're good for wed and thurs at 9 on both days, but we'd prefer wed to thurs

ok we can't actually play thurs so wed at 9 would be good for us

confirmed thurs at 9

7:04 PM - ozfortress obla: confirm thurs @ 9?
7:04 PM - catfish: ye confimed

As a warning for future matches, this poor level of organisation won't be tolerated again from the captain Nature Walk.

salt free want to reschedule, will post here

Hoping for wed 9, sorry for the confusion.

Match time forced Wed @ 9

Confirmed, Wed @ 9

Reckoner: 5-1 to nature walk
Snakewater: 6-1 to nature walk

gg thanks for the game, congrats to yauch on his signed item win

ahaha, cheers for the games guys, was fun, good luck with the reast of the season :)