Season 18: Open

#2: Winnie the Pooh Watersports vs Rise.

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday
Match Comms

ok match tonight at 8

Changing to 8PM Sunday (pushed back half an hour) - confirmed by both teams

7:03 PM - meowie: hey so one of our team members didn't get transferred this week so if he plays he will be considered a merc - are you okay with that?
7:04 PM - meowie:
7:05 PM - Ownage: All g man use him as a sub
7:05 PM - Ownage: I mean merc
7:05 PM - meowie: okay thanks
7:05 PM - Ownage: All g bro

Merc approved: STEAM_0:0:71998782

we used a merc other team said all g

delph approved as merc

cp_process_final: 4-1 Winnie
cp_reckoner_rc1: 5-2 Winnie
Booked under name: meow