Season 22: Intermediate

#3: TyRoo Legacy Reborn vs That's getting Shadowplayed

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Thursday
Match Comms

Monday 9 works best for our crew.

I've added both listed captains please get back to me asap.

is monday 8 ok? or 10? we have timezone differences

I don't quite understand how you can make 8 and 10 but not 9.

We've scheduled for 8pm Tuesday

Rescheduled to 10pm tonight (Monday)

HaHA: alright
HaHA: what about 10 tonight
despayeeto%%%%%%: im gonn ask
HaHA: any news?
HaHA: so we're just hanging out till the match so
HaHA: if it's on let us know
HaHA: otherwise if not possible let us know sooner rather than later
HaHA: when are you likely to know
despayeeto%%%%%%: ya we're just waiting for one person
despayeeto%%%%%%: to answer
HaHA: ok cool
HaHA: any update?
despayeeto%%%%%%: ok
HaHA: yo
despayeeto%%%%%%: we can do it at 10
HaHA: awesome see you then
despayeeto%%%%%%: can u get a server :)
HaHA: sure
HaHA: ozf work best for you?
HaHA: or do you need quix
HaHA: I'm not sure what's up with asian ping now a days
despayeeto%%%%%%: ya
despayeeto%%%%%%: i think it works
despayeeto%%%%%%: ozf\

Claiming FFW, proof provided to admin

Administrator, Retired League Director

FFW approved, TyRoo Legacy Reborn did not show up 15 minutes after agreed time as per Rule 4.6