Season 21: Open

#6: Jump_competitive vs The Literature Club

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

How are you guys, when are you free to play the official and mind if we use quix, don’t want any issues popping up again using ozfortress servers?

Don’t wanna get fucked over two weeks in a row just cause of our players isp :/

Heyo, I need to talk with the team about avaliabilities but I don't see a quix server being a problem. Though, I believe the ozf servers are currently fixed. We'll see how the servers are looking as we get closer to the date and I'll get back to you soon on a time

My team can’t really do tonight or Monday due to highlander conflicting with it. Generally our team is good to play all days of the week 7/8pm aedt. Lemme know when suits you guys :)

Tuesday @8PM AEDT?

Is it possible that we delay by half an hour and start st 8:30pm AEDT?

Confirmed for 8:30PM AEDT

Reckon we can play on a quix server? Our players get better ping on them

Administrator, Retired League Director

Friendly reminder that this is the last week for transfers this season. Get them in before Thursday 11:59 PM Sydney time THIS WEEK.

ggs 5-0 to "The Literature Club" 5-0 to "The Literature Club"

merc used :

8:11 PM - fences: Hey, I think our roamer's offline is it all good if we merc mack?
8:12 PM - vivi: will ask my team
8:12 PM - vivi: probs is ok tho
8:12 PM - fences: okay, nw
8:13 PM - fences: he'll probs play pock if he does come in so
8:14 PM - fences: also ill book in a moment, we might need to go through booking either an ozf or a qiz
8:14 PM - fences: qix
8:14 PM - fences: idk if you saw kodyns message a few minutes ago @ the qix channel
8:14 PM - fences: we'll have a look at what's working best
8:14 PM - vivi: ok
8:14 PM - fences: lemme know about that merc pls
8:14 PM - fences: when you can
8:14 PM - vivi: you guys can have him
8:14 PM - fences: sweet ty <3