Season 21: Open

#4: The Literature Club vs Oxygen Thieves

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Wednesday night 9pm Sydney time works best with my team :) if thats possible

Confirmed 8pm Wednesday

6:14 PM - vivi: can we merc conflux med
6:14 PM - Sleeve: howdy
6:14 PM - vivi: ill send his steam profile and warzone profile
6:14 PM - vivi: sec
6:15 PM - vivi:
6:15 PM - vivi:
6:15 PM - vivi: his profile on steam is private unfortunately
6:15 PM - vivi: :/
6:16 PM - vivi: if you wanna know how many hours he has in the game tho
6:16 PM - vivi:
6:16 PM - vivi: 2700
6:17 PM - Sleeve: Yeah man shes cool
6:17 PM - Sleeve: for med
6:17 PM - Sleeve: med only :D
6:17 PM - vivi: ye

conflux accepted to merc for "The Literature Club"

ggs, good luck for the rest of your guys first season and hope to see you guys in the future (scrims?)
gullywash 5-0 to "The Literature Club"
sunshine 5-0 to "The Literature Club"