Season 21: Open

3: The Literature Club vs Plan Z

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Match Comms

Hello what day is best for you guys?

Sunday 6pm aedt would be best for us :)

6pm is too early for us. Can we play at 8pm AEDT?

Can we play at 7pm AEDT? That would be good

We can play at 8pm AEDT on Sunday or Monday.

Confirmed 8PM AEDT Monday

merc declined

Merc was approved last night by slav (lurv) in steam dms

![Lurv (slav) was the captain at the time and the captain in which all correspondence with the literature club was dealt with.1

There are multiple captains on our team and the decision has to be deliberated between us. The official decision will always be posted the match page. Me and Vivi both agree that the merc has to be denied, thank you for your understanding.

In future make it clear which captain I should be communicating with please.

-kl accepted to merc for plan z