Season 16: Premier

#6: superhoe(s) vs Technical Difficulties

Match Comms

thurs 9 was discussed but i cant remember the result

9:43 PM - snazzy: id need like
9:43 PM - snazzy: 3
9:43 PM - snazzy: mercs
9:43 PM - snazzy: so
9:43 PM - snazzy: thursday any good?
9:43 PM - Roro: no
9:43 PM - snazzy: fri, sat, sun?
9:44 PM - snazzy: when works my dude
10:20 PM - Roro is now Offline.

just for posterity

wed doesnt work for us so idk what to do

Retired League Administrator

Extension granted till next week. Please try and organise the earliest possible time

was supposed to be last night, but sun/tues/wed are fine for next week

wtf is happening fairly certain Sunday is bad for us but actually want this done asap pls sort roro snaz thx

5:26 PM - Roro: is tues good for you?
5:27 PM - join the ozfortress icebreaker! is now Online.
5:27 PM - join the ozfortress icebreaker!: I'll attempt for Tuesday
5:28 PM - Roro: okay

idk scores but it was fun

jokes 1-6 1-6 id like to re exec please

^ ggs, i can find logs if admins want, but was 6-1 6-1 to us i think

can confirm, forgot logs apologies, if needed msg me some admin