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Oops I meant to post this on something else


Week 1: cp_gullywash_final1/cp_snakewater_final1
Week 2: cp_snakewater_final1/koth_product_rc9
Week 3: koth_product_rc9/cp_sunshine
Week 4: cp_metalworks/cp_process_final
Week 5: cp_process_final/cp_prolands_rc2p
Week 6: cp_granary_pro_rc8/cp_logjam_rc10a
Week 7: cp_logjam_rc10a/ cp_gullywash_final1

Please note: cp_granary_pro_rc8, cp_prolands_rc2p, cp_logjam_rc10a and koth_product_rc9 are custom maps. If you don't already have these installed, please click the links above to download them, and then move them to your *..\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps *directory.

The following aliases may be useful for changing maps to the correct version. Add these lines to your autoexec.cfg file, and simply type the name of the map in your console to change to it as long as you have the correct rcon password.

alias bagel "changelevel koth_bagel_rc2a"
alias cardinal "changelevel cp_cardinal_rc1a"
alias granary "changelevel cp_granary_pro_rc8"
alias gullywash "changelevel cp_gullywash_final1"
alias logjam "changelevel cp_logjam_rc10a"
alias process "changelevel cp_process_final"
alias product "changelevel koth_product_rc9"
alias viaduct "changelevel koth_product_rc9"
alias prolands "changelevel cp_prolands_rc2p"
alias badlands "changelevel cp_prolands_rc2p"
alias reckoner "changelevel cp_reckoner_rc4a"
alias snakewater "changelevel cp_snakewater_final1"
alias sunshine "changelevel cp_sunshine"

that’s a massive ‘Who?,” from me.

Beater will be making a highlight video for OZF 24, if you have any frag clips from official matches be sure to submit them here! Please follow the following template when submitting in the comments below:

Player Alias: [Your Alias Here]
Teams: [Your Team] vs [Enemy Team]
Bracket: [OZF24 Bracket (Premier/Intermediate/Open)]
Round: [OZF24 Round]
Tick: [Tick Number just before occurrence of play]
What to look for: [Short description of play]
Demo: [Link to demo (mediafire, dropbox, mega, etc)]

did he try to get actul micheal in trouble?

literally who is this individual

power play from rinsed

Wait what happend not following


DIstribution of third-party programs

Michael_.__ STEAM_0:0:130210098

The named player has been found distributing third-party programs to players in the ozfortress league. As such, this player has been banned from, the community's competitions, and all other ozfortress properties for a period of 1 year, after which time the persons will be on permanent probation. If they are found aliasing during their competition bans, their ban duration will be extended.

Should ANY teams in ANY ozfortress competitions be found housing the listed players, the team will be permanently removed from our competitions and all members involved will face severe penalties.

these seedings are epic

ozfortress administrators are responsible for the smooth running of the ozfortress seasonal league. Remain in constant contact with them regarding team issues and potential team instability. They are also available to clarify anything about the rules or procedures of ozfortress competitions.

The best way to get in contact with an administrators is in the #admin-support channel on Discord. Click the following to join our Discord.

The following people are available to solve issues in your bracket, however for simple issues we strongly recommend that you refer to the ruleset. From here, your own league administrators should be your first point of contact, however if your administrators are not available, others may be able to help.

Head Administrator - catfish

Premier Administrator - catfish
Intermediate Administrator - Thermite
Open Administrators - Fozzlm and arnold


Coffee Clock
big chungus
pineapple towers
Unanimous Confusion
construction worker emoji


ad hominem attack
HentaiHaven Hunters
Panda Bears
Perfect storm
Plunder Posse
Salt Free Gaming.
Sergeant ( essence! )
wet rocks
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decap restricted from Demoman.


!add 6
Big Lez and The Boys
chop shop
Fellowship of the Ping
Furry Fury
Gnome Zone
Is This 4's?
Keep It Fresh Bangladesh
Menacing Menaces
MGE Airlines
Mother May I
Open Brainlets
Oxygen Thieves
Shake it off
Six Frags
Xx NetfliXXX and KILL xX

Johnny restricted from Demoman.
Mio restricted from Scout & Sniper.


[Map Pool] [Key Dates] [Unlocks] [Rules]
[Transfers] [Server Configuration] [Administrators]



  • This season admins will be conducting random demo checks. ALL PLAYERS MUST MAKE SURE THEY ARE RECORDING DEMOS, IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE.


  • Added: The Pyro class limit has been changed to one.
  • Added: The punishment for disbanding a team is now a tier two infraction. This has been adjusted from the previous punishment which was a captaincy ban (Note: captaincy bans will still be used at admin discretion).
  • Added: Mercenary blackmailing in now an infractable offense. For more information on what this entails, visit the Rules page.
  • Added: Along with official match days, there are now official match times. These times are 8 & 9 PM Sydney/Melbourne time (AEST/AEDT). Teams that can make these times will be looked upon more favourably than teams who can not.


  • The warning for tier one infractions has been removed.
  • The punishment for accumulating 40 infraction points is now a three-week match ban. This ban carries over until the start of the next event if received during the offseason. This is replacing the previous six-month community ban.


  • Transfers are a three part process! It is not as simple as just inviting a player. You must APPLY for the transfer. For information on how to do that, click here.
  • Deadline for match time to be organised is Sunday 7PM.
  • Use the proper map version and remember to exec config! As simple as 'rcon ozf' or 'rcon ozfkoth'.
  • No draws on maps (i.e. 3-3 on Process) - Golden Cap must be played in this situation. However, match draws are accepted (1 map win for each team). The config for Golden Cap is 'rcon golden'.
  • If your game is casted by an approved casting organisation, proper aliases are required. There are now infractions for disobeying this rule.
  • Post logs and submit/verify scores after each match. This applies to both the home and away team.
  • Two forfeits and your team will be removed from the league. The season is a short seven weeks and two forfeits is more than reasonable.

Full ruleset here:

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a great holiday break and are ready for another year of TF2! The ozfortress seasonal league is returning for the first time in 2019, but this time with a twist. As usual, the league will be run using the highly successful Warzone. Whether you're a hardened veteran of the scene or a newcomer to 6v6 TF2 there will be a place for you in ozfortress season 24 and we hope to see you there!

ozfortress season 24 will see a significant change to the format of maps and rounds for the first time in over five years. For OZF 24, we're expanding the map pool and trailling a new map system that will feature nine maps rather than the usual seven. This will lead to certain maps being played once during the regular season with other maps being played twice. The maps we'll be adding into the map pool are cp_metalworks and cp_granary. cp_granary will be returning to the map pool after a season-long absence while cp_metalworks will now feature in the ozfortress seasonal league after an exciting return to ozfortress in A Midsummer Night's Cup 2019 #1!

Note: We will be using cp_logjam_rc10a once it has been released.

OZF 24 will feature 3 brackets: Premier, Intermediate and Open. Premier will have a round robin group stage while the lower two brackets will consist of a Swiss group stage. All brackets will continue using the Page Playoffs format. Grand Finals for Premier shall be played as a no-advantage best of 5, while Open and Intermediate Grand Finals will be a best of 3. Premier will have 8 teams while Intermediate's bracket size is pending signups. Open will have an unrestricted number of teams.

During OZF 24 we plan on conducting random demo checks to ensure players are recording demos. Please ensure that you are recording match demos in order to avoid punishment.

For those who missed the announcement, we have also welcomed arnold to the ozfortress administration team. He will be administrating Open along with Fozzlm.

All server booking will continue to be done through ozfortress discord. Simply join the #bookings channel in the ozfortress Discord and type /book and details of your server booking will be PM'd to you. To view more commands, type /help in the #bookings channel.

In Citadel, Captains can create Teams using the "Start Team" button on the Teams page. Once created, Captains can invite players to the Team. Team invites are shown on a player's profile, which can be accessed by clicking on your name next to the bell on the top right hand corner of your screen. Teams provide a pool of players that can be signed up for a tournament. Players may be in the pool for multiple teams but only one Roster for any given tournament. Captains may sign up a Roster for tournaments under the League page.

If you're new and not sure how to get started, don't fret! Check out the #recruitment section of the ozfortress Discord where you can express your interest in joining a team, or peruse potential players to form a team of your own. Teams are normally comprised of 1 Medic, 1 Demoman, 2 Soldiers and 2 Scouts. If you're new to the competitive scene, click here for an introduction to ozfortress!

Please ensure you have enough backups to last the season; teams are allowed a maximum of 10 players rostered for any single tournament.

With a host of experienced casters and expert producers, TFLIVE remains your number 1 destination for ozfortress coverage. Catch live coverage on the TFLIVE Twitch channel and find VODs of previous games on the TFLIVE YouTube.

You can sign up for ozfortress season 24 from Monday the 21st of January up until Thursday the 31st of January. We aim to have seeding out by the 2nd with the season starting on the 3rd, however this is subject to change. This gap between the closing of signups and the start of the season is to give the administration team more time to seed. ozfortress season 24 will begin on Sunday the 3rd of February.

[Signup now!]

[Map Pool] [Key Dates] [Unlocks] [Rules]
[Transfers] [Server Configuration] [Administrators]

no pyros allowed

Can someone give me a concrete reason why the Dragons Fury deserves to stay banned? It's unbanned in ESEA afaik.

"mple as 'rcon ozf' or 'rcon ozfkoth'.No draws on maps (i.e. 3-3 on Process) - Golden Cap must be played in this situation. However, match draws are accepted (1 map win for each team). The config for Golden Cap is 'rcon golden'If your game is casted by an approved casting organisation, proper aliases are required. There are now infractions for disobeying this rule.Post logs and submit/verify scores after each match. This applies to b"
what this are mean