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Congratulations Intermediate winners DrugLab


Gullywash - 4 - 0
Product - 4 - 1

Congratulations to DrugLab on winning the OZF 25 Intermediate Grand Final against BOT Inc..

The series began on DrugLab's pick of Gullywash. The opening round was a back-and-forth affair, with both teams trading frags and points. DrugLab ultimately came out on top after over 10 minutes. It looked like DrugLab had toggled, as they took the next three rounds in another 10 minute period. BOT Inc. were looking under pressure as they had only eight minutes to claim four rounds. They were able to put up more of a fight but were unable to claim a round, with the map ending at 4 - 0. Strong performances from ozfortress skaz and sao were heavy deciding facotrs for DrugLab, as they were now one map up in the best-of-three heading into the second map.

The map pick of BOT Inc. was Product. Roster shuffles on the side of BOT Inc saw AuZ switch to Demoman and pick up his trademark LAN-proven Quickiebomb Launcher and Kirtzkrieg combo, along with morphe switching to Scout. Things were looking promising for BOT Inc as they took the first round on Product, with many believing this roster shuffle to be the solution to the problems they were facing on Gullywash. However despite the previous success of this combo, the game then took a turn for the worse for BOT Inc. DrugLab appeared to have found some form and began to bring the game back. They preceded to not drop a round and finish the map with a 4 - 1 victory. BOT Inc had major trouble shutting down key players on the side of DrugLab, most notable sao who finished the map with a whopping 490 DPM. This map win put DrugLab at 2 - 0 in the series and crowned them your ozfortress Season 25 Intermediate champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible!


1st - DrugLab
2nd - BOT Inc.
3rd - the coconut nut


Champions: DrugLab
Best Demoman: sao
Best Medic: emgee
Best Pocket: Kimber and tesla
Best Roamer: king carl
Best Pocket Scout: skaz
Best Flank Scout: beni
Best Utility: inc

Most Improved Player: crybaby
Most Valuable Player: sao

Friendliest Team: Kevin
Most Improved Team: Kevin
Best Dressed Team: Kevin
Best Caster: xander

dogroll just so good man

congrats godroll

Congratulations Premier winners Coffee Clock


Gullywash - 6 - 1
Sunshine - 5 - 1 Second Half
Product - 3 - 1

Congratulations to Coffee Clock on winning the OZF 25 Premier Grand Final against BUTTERFLY EFFECT.

The Grand Finals for season 25 were between Coffee Clock and BUTTERFLY EFFECT. After beating servo mutts in the Semi Finals narrowly on the second map, BUTTERFLY EFFECT were up against the top team Coffee Clock who so far hadn't dropped a single map throughout the entire season. The match was going to be tough for BUTTERFLY EFFECT, even though they were the only team who had taken any rounds off Coffee Clock!

The first map Gullywash, picked by Coffee Clock, started off quite one sided. Coffee Clock were taking rounds off BUTTERFLY EFFECT in under two minutes, and despite being able to keep their Medic dogroll alive for the last defense, BUTTERFLY EFFECT were unable to hold any of Coffee Clock's strong last pushes. The third round went in one minute 10 seconds after a massive five kill Kritzkrieg from redcoatzygote. Things were looking desperate for BUTTERFLY EFFECT as the score was 4 - 0 with time running out. Coffee Clock won the mid, with just a Soldier and Medic left alive. The round went back and forward, constantly trading midpoint and Medic picks. BUTTERFLY EFFECT managed to kill Coffee Clock's Medic from an Uber advantage push and push into last to gain their first point. Sadly for BUTTERFLY EFFECT the next two rounds went quickly in favour of Coffee Clock, ending the map 6 - 1 in the favour of Coffee Clock.

BUTTERFLY EFFECT picked Sunshine as their first map pick. The first round was a fast mid-to-last round in the favour of Coffee Clock. Despite keeping dogroll alive, BUTTERFLY EFFECT were unable to win the Uber trade and lost the first fight. The next round was much longer, caused by waiting for a Spy play after Coffee Clock won the mid. Coffee Clock's Spy play failed, so Sniper was the next choice. After an Uber trade the Sniper managed to kill BUTTERFLY EFFECT's Demoman and allowed Coffee Clock to win the round. The next round was back and forth, with drops from both Medics and Soldiers managing to force the oppositions Uber consistently. Slowly but surely the round went in favour of Coffee Clock. The next quick round again went to Coffee Clock after they won an Uber trade into last. A similar situation to last map. The next two rounds were both hard fought, BUTTERFLY EFFECT winning their first mid of the map and, after a successful spy play, managing win the last point, the final round went to Coffee Clock again and making the final score 5 - 1 to Coffee Clock.

Product started off looking like it would be in Coffee Clock's favour again. After wiping BUTTERFLY EFFECT at mid, dogroll spawned Kritzkreig and begin building in spawn while the sac wave began. Coffee Clock dropped their Uber, signaling a push from BUTTERFLY EFFECT on respawn, now with full Kritzkrieg. BUTTERFLY EFFECT managed to win the Kritz exchange and gained control of the point. However it was too late, as Coffee Clock had very little cap time remaining and were able to regain the point and hold it for the short remainder of the map. The next round was much similar, with only a single point ownership change. The third round started off with a mid win from BUTTERFLY EFFECT after their Sniper got some crucial picks. A successful force from a sac wave allowed Coffee Clock to push back in with one minute and 30 seconds left on BUTTERFLY EFFECT's clock. BUTTERFLY EFFECT managed to force Coffee Clock and gain an Uber advantage, which they then used to kill Coffee Clock's medic in the last few seconds and cap the point which they held for the rest of the round. Round 4 could still be the final round of the Grand Finals. After stomping the mid fight it was looking good for BUTTERFLY EFFECT for the rest of the match. After an Uber advantage push from BUTTERFLY EFFECT failed to kill Coffee Clock's Medic lau, Coffee Clock managed to capture the point and held on to it for the remainder of the match ending the map 3 - 1 and the series 3 - 0.Coffee Clock are your ozfortress Season 25 Premier champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible!


1st - Coffee Clock
3rd - servo mutts


Champions: Coffee Clock
Best Demoman: redcoatzygote
Best Medic: dogroll and lau
Best Pocket: Doge.exe has stopped working
Best Roamer: riot
Best Pocket Scout: cooki
Best Flank Scout: down
Best Utility: cooki

Most Improved Player: yewl
Most Valuable Player: cooki

Friendliest Team: ad hominem attack
Most Improved Team: BUTTERFLY EFFECT
Best Dressed Team: misha
Best Caster: xander


what did this legend did???

If Ozfortress Goes Through With This, It Will Be Losing One Of It's Most Valuable Players.



Congratulations Open winners Cool Team Name Pending


Product - 3 - 1
Process - 2 - 3
Logjam - 3 - 1

Congratulations to Cool Team Name Pending on winning the OZF 25 Open Grand Final against the players that were left behind.

The first map of the series was Product, the pick of Cool Team Name Pending. Every round in the first map was a contested affair, with no rounds falling in under six minutes. Both teams traded opening rounds however after the scores were tied at 1 - 1 Cool Team Name Pending were able to pull away and take the next two rounds and the map 3 - 1. A huge performance from the duo of Greek and sloth proved to be the deciding factor as the pair were able to secure a total of 80 frags between them over the course of the first map!

The next map was Process, and the players that were left behind were looking to put up a stronger performance on their map pick. Things were looking good as they took the first round in dominating fashion, however the second round was a 12-minute barnburner. Ultimately Cool Team Name Pending were able to take the second round to tie us up at 1 - 1. Another brutally efficient round from the players that were left behind put them in the lead once more, however Cool Team Name Pending were able to answer back with another closer fought round. With the scores tied at 2 - 2 and only 2 minutes left on the clock, it was do or die for the players that were left behind. However some extrodinary teamplay and fragging allowed them to capture another round with just seconds to spare! They were able to take their map pick 3 - 2 and send us to a deciding map. The Scout combo of RRLUCKY and Exquizit were a force to be reckoned with on Process and were a huge driving force for their team's map win.

The last map was Logjam, and both teams were playing for the championship. Both teams were playing a slow-paced game in the early round of the map with scores being tied 1 - 1 after almost 20 minutes of gameplay. The third round proved to be crucial however as Cool Team Name Pending were able to take it in just under six minutes, putting the pressure on the players that were left behind to put more rounds on the board. the players that were left behind began to play a more aggressive style of TF2 in an attempt to catch the opposition off-guard, however Cool Team Name Pending were ready for this and were able to capitalise off of the players that were left behind's aggression and put two more quick round on the board. With no time remaining the map finished 3 - 1 and the series 2 - 1, crowning Cool Team Name Pending your ozfortress Season 25 Open Champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible!


1st - Cool Team Name Pending
2nd - the players that were left behind
3rd - heykimber waiting room


Champions: Cool Team Name Pending
Best Demoman: Shlanky and <user>
Best Medic: Rockeyroad1415
Best Pocket Scout: Exquizit
Best Flank Scout: RRLUCKY
Best Utility: Exquizit and dillwax

Most Improved Player: Shlanky
Most Valuable Player: RRLUCKY

Friendliest Team: 8D Gang
Most Improved Team: bruh moment
Best Dressed Team: Dino Squad
Best Caster: xander

Congratulations Main winners Panda Bears


Product - 3 - 1
Reckoner - 5 - 1

Congratulations to Panda Bears on winning the OZF 25 Main Grand Final against ?Questionable.

The first map of the series was Product, the pick of favourite Panda Bears. Panda Bears went down to a heavy time deficit in the first round and were able to claw their was back and hold the point for over two minutes to claim the first round! Despite this tough round loss, ?Questionable did not look rattled as they took the second round in a convincing fashion. Despite this new form being shown by ?Questionable, Panda Bears were able to assert their dominance on their map pick and take the map 3 - 1. Impressive performances from Bitler and smazza were able to keep ?Questionable in the game, however the strength of inStinct and Pengstah could not be matched.

The second map was Reckoner, and ?Questionable were looking to answer back with a map win of their own. It was looking promising for ?Questionable and they took the first round, however Panda Bears were then able to find their footing. A string of rounds from Panda Bears put them 4 - 1 up with only four minutes left and ?Questionable were unable to beat the clock and pump out the rounds they needed to stay in the game. Ultimately Panda Bears were able to claim another round and the map 5 - 1 thanks in part to another dominating performance from inStinct and huge fragging from fez. This gave them the series 2 - 0 and crowned them your ozfortress Season 25 main champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible!


1st - Panda Bears
2nd - ?Questionable
3rd - johnny dogged the boys


Champions: Panda Bears
Best Demoman: Pengstah
Best Medic: Mikcow
Best Pocket: inStinct
Best Roamer: Andyroo
Best Pocket Scout: stigma and fez
Best Flank Scout: kl
Best Utility: Mio

Most Improved Player: Andyroo
Most Valuable Player: Andyroo and Pengstah and stigma

Friendliest Team: chiken
Most Improved Team: ?Questionable
Best Dressed Team: ?Questionable
Best Caster: xander

League Ban

mute-god/atreyu STEAM_0:0:169741528

We have substantial proof to believe that the above player has been using game altering third-party programs. Cheating provides an unfair advantage for competitors. As such, the player has been banned from, the community's competitions, and all other ozfortress properties for a period of 2 years, after which time the persons will be on permanent probation. If they are found aliasing during their competition bans, their ban duration will be extended.

Should ANY clans in ANY ozfortress competitions be found housing the listed players, the team will be permanently removed from our competitions and all members involved will face severe penalties.


The voting threads for the end of season awards have now been posted! The votes must be sent through to core (core9243) or skaz (skaz4670) in a PM using the correct formatting on Discord by Friday the 9th of August at midnight by every team captain. Failing to do this will prevent your votes from counting.

Only captains to vote. Please submit with 3 votes for EVERY category.

Premier Votes
Intermediate Votes
Main Votes
Open Votes


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